Kritzer, Joachim

Managing Director Planen (Planning) | Stuttgart

Category: Planen, Stuttgart

Joachim Kritzer was born on December 18, 1962 in Karlsruhe. After a vocational training as an electrical installer at the company Sauter in Bretten, Mr. Kritzer collected his first professional practice as a project manager. In 1991, Mr Kritzer was awarded the Master Letter in the trade of electrical installation. As project manager, Mr. Kritzer was responsible for a variety of complex construction projects such as the construction of the Landeszentralbank in Trier in 1997/1998. This project set the highest demands on security technology. Another very challenging project was the construction of the Tectrum Technology Center in Duisburg (formerly the Microelectronics Center in Duisburg), whose architectural design was created by Sir Norman Foster, which is characterized by the elaborate glass facade. Joachim Kritzer joined fc.ingenieure in 2000 - in the first year after the founding. He is a managing director and head of the electrical engineering department at Ettlingen.

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