Close to the Customer - Close to the Project

Wild geese flying in a V formation save energy while flying. This is because the wing tips of the anterior goose create vertebrae, which provide additional buoyancy for the one flying with an offset behind. The effect helps them to travel long distances in an efficient manner. This approach is reflected by the structure of the FC-Gruppe: strong regional branches, which jointly achieve more being organized as a group.

Our organizational structure was designed based on the model of the wild geese. The FC-Gruppe owns jointly with the individual local partners the independently operating business units. These operative units are individual companies with extensive competencies to decide and act autonomously. However, the individual operative units use the competences and resources of the entire group and, thus, create real added value for our customers. In concrete terms, we offer the highest degree of flexibility, proximity to both customer and project, as well as the entire know-how and resources of one of the largest German engineering companies.



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