What does "FC" stand for?

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The abbreviation "FC" stands for Facility Control. At the beginning of each foundation, there is an idea and a vision. The vision of FC was to develop a novel company in the field of engineering services close to the customer and close to the project. During and before the founding process in 1998, in the so-called "genetic outline" and startup phase, a special name, which should not be too restrictive, was to be found. This seemed to be covered by the name Facility Control. Today we do not see the name as a masterpiece. But following, the premise "We make the best of it", we developed the name FC-Gruppe from it.

What is the meaning of the logo?

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The logo of the FC-Gruppe symbolizes the merger of all companies involved. FC-Verwaltung (management), FC-Planung (planning), FC-Projektsteuerung (project control), and FC-Beratung (consulting) form the FC-Gruppe (FC Group). Obviously, the three business areas planning, controlling and consulting are the services of the FC Group. Symbolically, the small red triangle of the logo reproduces the business areas and their interdigitation. We refer to us as a group since we cooperate as a network jointly and across regions with all sites and companies.

Who owns the FC group?

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The FC-Verwaltung GmbH (administration, Limited Liability Corporation) is the umbrella corporation and shareholder of all companies of the FC-Gruppe. This umbrella corporation is owned by the founding partners. All managing directors participate in the respective company areas or branches and, thus, have shares of the FC-Gruppe. The profits of individual branches and the entire group are largely reinvested to sustain a long-term development of the corporation. All partners actively participate in the company and, thus, enable an applied and strategic management of the company. The FC-Gruppe has only partners who contribute personally, and is completely independent.

Who were the engineers?

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The fc.ingenieure were founded in 1999 by the two engineers Michael Hoffmann and Ulrich Kraus. At that time, the company name was "facility control", abbreviated as "fc" in fc.ingenieure. Originally, the company was conceived as a consultancy and planning company for classical engineering services in the field of supply and electrical engineering. Shortly after, the focus was also placed on further topics such as innovative technologies, energy design, and sustainable construction. Besides planning, a separate business area for project management was established and was continuously expanded. Since then, fc.ingenieure has grown continuously, new markets were tackled, and new branches established. Finally, the FC-Gruppe has emerged from the fc.ingenieure.

Where does RCI come from?

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Until 2015, RCI GmbH was an independent subsidiary of Imtech Deutschland GmbH. RCI does planning of plants and systems in the areas of technical building equipment, energy and media technology as well as industrial utility supply. After the insolvency of Imtech Deutschland GmbH, RCI GmbH was integrated on an equal footing into the company group of the fc.ingenieure with about 50 employees at five locations (Hamburg, Berlin, Oberhausen, Frankfurt, Bretten).

Where does ModelLean come from?

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ModelLean is specialized in analysis, troubleshooting, training in production and major construction projects. This includes time and cost optimization, reorganization, team building, capability building, external analysis and implementation coaching. Modellean has become a member of the FC-Gruppe in 2016 and is expanding our competences and services to include consulting, training and concept development around Lean Construction.

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