Privacy Policy for FC-Verwaltung GmbH

The operators of FC-Verwaltung GmbH take the protection of private data seriously. Particular care to privacy in processing of personal data is an important concern. Personal data are used in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG); the operators of this website are committed to confidentiality. These websites may contain links to third-party websites that are not covered by this privacy statement. Further important information can also be found in the General Conditions of Use.

1. Personal Data

Personal data is defined as information that can be used to identify the identity of a person. This includes information such as name, postal address, and telephone number. Information that cannot be directly linked to the real identity, such as favorite websites or the number of users of a site, does not fall into this category.
One can use our online offer without disclosing the identity. However, if you decide to register and become a member (registered user), personal information will be stored in your individual user profile. It is your free decision whether or not you enter this data. As we attempt to collect as little personal data as possible for the use of the website, the registration does only require a name, under which one is held as a member and which does not have to match the real name, and an email address, to which the password is sent. In connection with the access to our pages, data, such as IP address, date, time and viewed pages, are stored on the server. There is no personalized utilization of these data. However, the right for a statistical analysis of anonymous data records remains reserved.
We use the personal data only to the extent necessary for the purpose of the technical administration of the websites and customer management. In addition, personal data are only stored if they were voluntarily stated.

2. Disclosure of Personal Data
We use personal information only for this website. We do not disclose information to third parties without your explicit consent. If data is transferred within the scope of an order to the according service provider, he is bound to the BDSG, other legal regulations and to this privacy policy. Surveys or disclosures of personal data to government agencies and authorities are only made under mandatory legal provisions.

3. Use of Cookies
We use cookies - small files with configuration information. They help to determine user-specific settings and to implement special user functions. We do not collect personal data by the use of cookies. All functions of the website can also be used without cookies, but some customized properties and settings are not available. 

4. Children
Persons under the age of 18 should not transmit any personal data to us without the consent of their parents or guardians with parental authority. We do not request personal data from children, do not collect them and do not pass them on to third parties. 

5. Right of Withdrawal
If you have left personal data with us, you can change and delete it at any time in your user profile. Please contact the webmaster for a complete deletion of the account. However, contributions to forums, comments, announcements and articles may remain accessible - for more related information see also the General Conditions of Use.

6. Links to other Websites
Our online content includes links to other websites. We do not have control if their operators comply with data protection regulations.

7. Content
The content on our website is open to everyone. Therefore, any contribution should be checked carefully whether or not it contains details that are not meant to be published. The content may be captured by search engines and becomes available worldwide even if the respective website was not specifically opened.

8. Questions and Comments

Please send questions and comments with respect to privacy via email to the webmaster of FC-Verwaltung GmbH.

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