People with migration background

Cultural differences as a resource

Fuer Bewerber - mit Migrationshintergrund - FC-Gruppe

"I am very happy to have a job that I enjoy. However, I did not like the first internship in Germany as an elderly nurse. But then, I came to FC, where I get tasks that are great and where I learn a lot."

(Dawod Ezadi)

We see economic success not only in qualified employees and excellent work, but also in a resource that does not seem very important at first glance: diversity. Diversity is both an opportunity and a resource that creates new paths, promotes creativity and makes a project special. We want to make a major challenge for our society to our own challenge: Integration is one of the most important elements of our social future in Germany. It is a task that affects everyone and for which both society and industry need to take responsibility. We as the FC-Gruppe are aware of this responsibility, and we want to promote and take advantage of a diverse workforce. The active appreciation and promotion of our employees is very important to us for creating a workplace that recognizes this diversity of talents and characters - regardless of gender, age, nationality, disability, ethnicity or religion.

As an open-minded company, we believe that diversity is an economic success factor. In order to successfully complete a project in a team, it is an essential component and philosophy of our company that all employees are of equal importance. This integration is only possible if differences are overcome, thus ensuring interdisciplinary and networked cooperation. This is exactly what we are standing up for.

Internship / Training for refugees

Fuer Bewerber - mit Migrationshintergrund Praktikum - FC-Gruppe

Are you in the orientation phase for your future career? We support you. Gain experience in an internship and get to know the FC-Gruppe.

Employment for refugees

Fuer Bewerber - mit Migrationshintergrund Ausbildung - FC-Gruppe

We offer recognized refugees the opportunity to work in Germany. Apply for an apprenticeship at the FC-Gruppe corresponding to your interests and strengths.

Cultural differences as a resource

Fuer Bewerber - mit Migrationshintergrund Festanstellung - FC-Gruppe

The FC-Gruppe offers different possibilities for recognized refugees in Germany with professional qualifications in the technical field. Apply for employment in your field of activity and experience.

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