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Job offers for school students at the FC-Gruppe

Fuer Bewerber - Schueler - FC-Gruppe

Your plans for the future are not yet water proof and you still lack the fundamental idea for your professional career? Then take the opportunity of an internship and inspire yourself by our exciting activities. In our innovative and modern company, you will get valuable insights into a wide range of tasks. The FC-Gruppe offers many opportunities ranging from technical drawer, project controller, planner, technician to administrator. You are interested in what makes an architect, construction, electrical or mechanical engineer, project controller, system planner, technician and accounting or administrator all day? We answer all your questions and give you valuable insights into the different activities. An internship, an apprenticeship or a dual degree program are great opportunities to gather interesting experience and analyze your strengths and weaknesses in your field of work. Take advantage of our versatile offers and decision-making tools for the right job after your graduation from school. You can start an internship at any time. Be it during school time (BORS or BOGI internship), during the holidays or after your graduation as an orientation phase for a training or a study. We look forward to hearing from you.


Fuer Bewerber Schueler - Praktika - FC-Gruppe

Are you thinking about your future career? We would like to support you. Whether as a BORS or a BOGI internship during school hours or as a voluntary internship during your leisure time.

Onlince application as a school student-internships

Skilled Occupation

Fuer Bewerber - Schueler - für Ausbildungsberufe - FC-Gruppe

Are you looking for an interesting training place in a great team? Then we are a good match! We offer you participation in interesting projects, exciting tasks, professional consulting and high chances for employment later.

Onlince application as a school student-vocational education

Dual Curriculum

Fuer Bewerber - Schueler - Duales-Studium - FC-Gruppe

You want to benefit from combining practice and theory? Then you are at the right place. You can use your theoretical expertise for interesting projects and responsible tasks, and the exchange with experts.

Onlince application as a school student-dual curriculum

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