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Pointing fingers at each other, accusations, amendments, disputes and escalation ... projects are frequently very difficult, end in legal processes, and are financially at risk of being a failure. Here, mediation can be applied to avoid the path to court. FC-Beratung has trained mediators, helps with mediation, and develops with the clients new ways to re-direct project teams across companies and, thus, enable project success.

Mediation based on the law for mediation creates a binding and secure basis for the implementation of the procedure. The process is controlled and monitored by the mediator according to a clearly structured and transparent procedure, which ensures neutrality and impartiality of the mediator for all parties involved. At the same time, the parties retain the responsibility for the solution at any time with themselves. We carry out mediation according to the current law for mediation. Our business mediators are certified by the IHK and support the mediation process from the initial contact to the written documentation of the developed agreement.

In addition, the FC-Gruppe offers counseling on conflict prevention and conducts communication workshops as well as team building events. Based on our extensive know-how in planning, consulting and control, we are able to set up an experienced and proven team for any crisis-ridden project according to the specific requirements.

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