Strategy and Organizational Development

The future is good: with the right strategy and organization

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Companies are growing, stagnating or shrinking, markets are changing with overall increasing dynamics. In this environment, it is a decisive factor for competitiveness and success to pursue the right strategy and to implement it dynamically. Strategy does start here and now, not in the future. Only those, who know objectively the current strengths and potentials of their company and how to combine them with a suitable future vision, will have success, not just with luck but with high probability. The division for consulting of the FC-Gruppe conducts strategic and organizational studies with an external perspective and supports companies in their organizational development within transformations and change phases. Important elements of our service portfolio are organizational analyzes including the evaluation of potentials, strategy development, organizational design and implementation support for change phases. FC-Beratung uses consulting tools ranging from in-depth interviews with executives, appropriate quantitative and qualitative analysis procedures, development of change stories, analysis and design of meeting cascades and information flows to the development of key figure systems in connection with the management strategy.

Our expertise is based on experience in business consulting, industry and research (for example project management at ArcelorMittal, corporate consulting at McKinsey & Company and ModelLean).

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