Specialist in organization, construction and technology

Fuer Kunden - Steuern - FC-Gruppe

As specialists for organization, construction and technology, we provide organizational and technological know-how for your project success. With the background of our company in planning and the access to all special competencies of the FC-Gruppe, we are optimally prepared for special and complex assignments. Particularly in technically demanding projects, such as buildings in the sector of health care, we offer solutions that stand out from classic project control. Our services include the entire performance profile of AHO. We navigate our customers through all stages of the project and give advice on decisions in the field of tension of cost, timeline and quality, taking into account standards, rules and regulations.

With our interdisciplinary team, comprising architects, civil engineers and business engineers, we represent our projects in all bodies and against the public. Coordination with the user is done in a result-oriented manner, considering the joint project objectives. At supervisory level, we provide concise overviews including the essential and relevant information. In the public, we promote our projects and support a positive dialogue with other stakeholders. As a result, we disburden our customers and create freedom for them to focus on their core business.

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