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Fuer Kunden - Steuern - Monitoring - FC-Gruppe

Monitoring comprises measurements, data collection and analysis with the goal to take action when required and to counteract deviations from the target. As a specialist in technical building equipment, the FC-Gruppe is involved in energy monitoring of buildings and processes. Weaknesses in the equipment, the building concept or the system configurations shall be detected and eliminated. The aim is to reduce energy and operating costs and, thus, also to improve sustainability.

How does the FC-Gruppe perform energy monitoring on your object? First, an analysis of existing planning documents is conducted, in order to possibly detect weaknesses already there. In most cases, however, this step is used to plan the data collection concept.

The following questions need to be answered:

  • Which measuring points are already available?
  • Which measuring points need to be added?
  • What equipment is required to carry out additional stationary data surveys?


In addition, general aspects such as the duration, level of detail and objectives of the monitoring are determined in close cooperation with the client. The FC-Gruppe unites the entire technical building equipment under one roof. Data analysis specialists examine the collected data and deduce whether or not an action is required. Experienced planners from all disciplines are internally available and support the analysis with their expertise. Together, tailor-made solutions can be developed to optimize the energy performance of your building. If you are interested in not only monitoring your project, but also communicating it: we do also offer project marketing.

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