Project Communication

"You cannot not communicate" (Paul Watzlawick)

Fuer Kunden - Steuern - Projektkommunikation - FC-Gruppe

Are you looking for support in communicating your project between the project participants or between you and the general public? Do you look for creative minds that give your project attention and acceptance? Then, we are the right experts for your project. Project communication encompasses all measures to enhance the perception of the project internally and externally.

Internal measures include the creation of uniform document templates and project logos, set up of project space or the organization of workshops. Thus, we create identification of the stakeholders with the project and its objectives.

In the case of external measures, the focus is on communication with the public. We inform affected persons, arouse curiosity on the outcome and, thus, increase the acceptance of the project, which is sometimes associated with unpleasant side effects such as noise, dirt and disturbance of operations or public transport routes. External measures include the creation of banners, press articles, and blogs. The organization of classic construction events includes groundbreakings, cornerstone or roofing ceremonies, and inaugurations. In addition, we offer innovative events such as art and technology contests for schools, construction festivities for citizen participation, or light installations for staging the individual construction phases.

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