Project Management

From the first idea to a reliable implementation

Fuer Kunden - Steuern - Projektleitung - FC-Gruppe

For our customers, we resume responsibility for all builder tasks that can be transferred during project preparation and ensure the reliable implementation of the project. With the decision-making authority in the project management, we implement the necessary measures to meet the agreed project objectives. Of course, we take responsibility for our actions and our results. In our decisions, we consider interdisciplinary relationships and, with our wide-ranging expertise, we deal with the increasing complexity of construction projects. Based on many years of experience of our employees, we take on the responsibilities of the builders conscientiously. Depending on the requirements of the project, the portfolio and the degree of authority are defined in agreement with the individual customer.

As the central point of contact for the project, we ensure in the case of a conflict within the project team a uniform focus on the joint project objectives with regard to quality, cost and deadlines. We negotiate with our customers and represent their rights and interests against project partners, supervisory authorities and the general public.

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