Advice from certified experts

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Unfortunately, despite the uniform price law of the HOAI, disputes occur frequently about the services invoiced by a planner. Also, it is argued whether the contractually agreed service was provided in full. As expert witnesses, we prepare reports related to all questions arising from the HOAI for our customers on a royalty basis. In addition, we assess the performance and compare it to the contract target.

As we have a neutral and independent role, we aim at avoiding a further escalation of fees and work towards an amicable, out-of-court settlement.

Value and evaluation are concepts and tasks that are at the heart of our social and economic life. Our appraisers and experts use an accepted range of instruments and have the required function-related competence for determining the value of built-up and undeveloped land as well as the amount of rents and leases. Our reports are a reliable basis for negotiations with funding agencies or lenders.

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