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Unfortunately, discords and problems may occur during the course of a project. This is often due to the fact that individual project participants favor their self-interests compared to the joint project success. As a result, the separation from a project partner is close or has already occurred. But also insolvencies of executing companies can lead to a misalignment of the project. Builders are then confronted with notice of delays, concerns, multiple construction disruptions and annoying supplementary remedies, which are often no longer manageable with the existing project team. No matter at which stage of the project we get involved, it is always our goal to take jointly the projects of our customers to a successful completion.

Troubleshooting means for us the identification of problem areas and the search for solutions in ongoing projects. It encompasses the extensive inventory of all problem areas and conflicts of interest as well as the anticipatory, recurring and monitoring assessment of risks and challenges. With the capacity of more than 200 employees, we are well equipped for a rapid project entry. We act quickly and reliably. With our experts, architects, civil engineers and specialists for all TGA disciplines, we show solutions for a de-escalation and bring the project back into track.

We have a network of competent specialized planners, which we can consult if necessary. In this way, we can quickly identify and correct deficiencies and avoid consequential damage. Individually tailored to your needs, we find suitable measures for ensuring again a controlled operation of the construction site.

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