Planning is teamwork

Areas of expertise, employees and competences are interlinked

Fuer Kunden - Planen - FC-Gruppe

Planning is teamwork. Relating to this we we organise ourselves into project teams with a clear and structured role allocation. The project teams consist of both customer emplyees as well as the requisite number of FC engineers from the widest range of specialist fields. We do not only offer our expertise in individual subdomains of technical building services, but we develop complete technical and organisational solutions for the specific requirements of our customers. This approach is especially beneficial for both technically demanding projects and innovative energy concepts.
All competencies of MEP are represented in our company by own personnel, which enables us to deliver a planning result, which is coordinated and optimized at all disciplines.

The quality and performance of computation and simulation techniques has become an additional key to successful planning. We consistently rely on these techniques and work with CAD/CAE planning tools of the latest generation, during all project phases. Moreover, the FC-Gruppe is an active member of the buildingSMART e.V. with the background to improve planning and construction by the use of efficient methods for integrated information processing. The focus is on Building Information Modeling - BIM - as a new planning method based on digital building models. We work consistently with the buildingSMART standard IFC, which is open access and has been specifically designed for BIM applications.

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