Conveyor Technology

For demanding buildings and real estate

In buildings, different traffic flows occur with quite diverse requirements. These flows of people and materials need to be analyzed in order to develop a technical and organizational solution according to your specific tasks. The basis for this are simulations of transportation capacities and traffic calculations. Well planned conveyor systems are a quality label for a building. They ensure that both the building and the processes of the users function and are optimally supported. In particular, the elevator is the landmark of any building.

In many respects, the vertical transport of people and loads through the building represents the most important traffic in buildings. This fact has be taken into account when designing, modernizing or optimizing plants with a suitable design and planning of the conveyor systems. In order to cope with further traffic flows, escalators, automated transport systems for goods, tube mail, crane systems, mobile systems and lifting tables can be used. Quality is not introduced by chance, all boundary conditions play an important role in the planning of your project. We will analyze them, and together with you, we will define the requirements for your building and plan efficient conveyor systems for you.

We offer both expert knowledge in specific areas of conveyor technology as well as the development of comprehensive technical and organizational solutions for our customers. This approach is particularly successful for demanding projects. We offer planning and consulting services from the initial idea to the final commissioning, in particular for the following systems:

  • Personal transportation systems
  • Elevator systems
  • File handling systems
  • Tube mailing systems
  • Transport systems
  • Crane systems
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