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From the point of view of supply security, value retention and environmental protection, we plan optimal supply and disposal networks to your needs. We consider future developments and plan scalable systems, which can represent the dynamic development of your estate. We are very familiar with the requirements of complex infrastructure projects in all areas.

Revitalization is becoming increasingly important. Our experts represent all necessary disciplines for a comprehensive consideration of possible usage options. We record the inventory, analyze the status, assess the state of the art, identify supply and safety bottlenecks, and create a master plan for a gradual rehabilitation. Here, we have experience in the rehabilitation of extensive supply networks and their transfer units to buildings and consumers, during ongoing operation. An uninterrupted supply by intelligent planning of extensive rehabilitation measures in hospitals, universities, military real estates as well as extensive industrial areas is a daily challenge for us, which we overcome by using the synergies of the entire FC-Gruppe.

In addition, the FC-Gruppe is involved in projects which are promoting the Energiewende. We also have successful projects in the area of converter technology for high-voltage direct current transmission.

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