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Planning for medical technology in the health sector does only work by close coordination and networking. The needs are determined jointly by suppliers, operators, users, clients and other specialist planners and experts involved in the project. Future-oriented solution are developed on the basis of different proposals with defined evaluation criteria.

This enables modern medicine

with work processes optimized for the operator,

  • with work processes optimized for the operator,
  • with the best possible treatment for patients,
  • with the least risk,
  • with a variable operating and maintenance environment for the medical technology,
  • with energy efficiency and appropriate interfaces to the building technology,
  • with a room concept optimized for the building having further development possibilities,
  • with operational safety and a procurement process that can be tracked by the financial management.

Processes and process-supporting medical technology are designed to help the participants to concentrate on the patients. Core processes are therefore supported. All areas of a hospital with medical or laboratory technology are supported during all performance phases of the HOAI. We attach value to long-term cooperation. We serve hospitals of basic and regular care as well as special clinics, maximum care providers and university hospitals. These are equipped with medical and laboratory equipment, from normal and special care through diagnostics and therapy to emergency rooms, IMC and intensive care units. It does not matter whether it is stationary or mobile medical equipment. New acquisitions are integrated with existing equipment. New and innovative solutions are planned and implemented including the installation of surgical robots or of hybrid operating rooms for interdisciplinary applications, integrated surgical control systems, radiation therapy and their extensions.

We do also planning for the areas of laboratory-oriented technology in transfusion medicine, microbiology or even nuclear medicine. Further education and the recognition of future developments are an important component of the development of our team. In the planning process, workflows are questioned and optimized if necessary, savings potentials are identified and synergy effects utilized. Special solutions are more often represented in these areas than standard solutions. Changes in requirements and standards, and rapid development cycles are always refreshing the planning process, even retroactively through the different performance phases.

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