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We are planning future energy systems

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The FC-Gruppe thinks in complete systems: First, an exact analysis is conducted including the individual consumption points, intake of quantities, temperatures, pressures, technical specifications and water quality. In addition, we assess possible renewable energies: geology for the use of surface geothermal energy, ground water use, solar thermal energy, heat recovery potentials from air, cooling water, compressed air and process engineering. A detailed energy balance of the object to be supplied is the basis for considering different alternatives for an optimized energy generation: No matter if waste heat recovery from processing, supported by heat pumps for temperature elevation, advanced CHP modules for combined heat, power and cooling, wood chip pellet or pellet firing, or solar thermal support, we will find a sustainable and tailor-made energy generation solution for your company or your current building project.

Let us give you advise: We create a conclusive energy supply concept for your property with a comprehensible statement about your annual energy budget. After a joint decision for the most economical solution, we will accompany you until the turnkey delivery of the project and, thereafter, to support you in energetically optimizing the ongoing operation.

We offer both expert knowledge in specific areas of energy technology as well as the development of comprehensive technical and organizational solutions for our customers. This approach is particularly successful for demanding projects. We offer planning and consulting services from the initial idea to the final commissioning and beyond. Important building blocks are:

  • Creation of real estate energy concepts
  • Expertise in the holistic optimization of building technology
  • Adjustment of demand and production on the basis of energy balances
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