Supply Engineering

Innovative concepts for innovative buildings

Fuer Kunden - Planen - Versorgungstechnik - FC-Gruppe

The supply technology plays a major role for the construction of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings and needs to be integrated into the general energy concept. Based on the boundary conditions given by the construction, the supply technology provides the room comfort as designed according to the needs of the user. The FC-Gruppe plans supply technology for business, office, health, administration and industrial buildings in accordance with the fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI). We have understood that for an excellent building design an interdisciplinary interplay of supply engineering, building structure, exterior facade and the energy concept is essential.

We offer both expert knowledge in specific areas of supply engineering as well as the development of comprehensive technical and organizational solutions for our customers. This approach is particularly successful for demanding projects and for innovative energy concepts. We offer planning and consulting services from the initial idea to final commissioning and, if desired, an operational support for the following systems (classification according to DIN 276):

  • KGR 410 Sewage, water and gas installations
  • KGR 420 Heat supply systems
  • KGR 430 Air technology systems
  • KGR 470 User-specific systems
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