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Reference projects in the field of office and administrative construction

Flexible working environments require a flexible environment. The requirements for a modern administrative building are well known to us. Modern IT infrastructure, flexible room design, perfect room conditions and a pleasant working environment are important elements for such a building. As FC-Gruppe, we contribute our know-how of more than 200 projects in this area, creating a real added value for our customers. We develop an individual energy concept, which is perfectly adapted to the selected room climate system. We simulate the different operating conditions and climate influences already at a very early planning stage and, thus, provide decision-making certainty for the builder.

ZEAG Heilbronn

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - ZEAG AG Heilbronn - FC-Gruppe

New building ZEAG AG office building
Builder: ENBW
Architecture: Rossmann and Partner
Area: 23,000 m²
Technical costs: € 7.1 million
Realization: 2007-2009
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

DM Karlsruhe

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - Unternehmenszentrale DM - FC-Grupp

New building DM Company Headquarter
Builder: DM Drogerie Markt
Architecture: LRO Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei
Area: 41,500 m²
Project costs: € 140 million
Realization: 2015-2019
Company Division: Steuern

Caleido Stuttgart

Projekte - Büro und Verwaltung - Caleido-Stuttgart - FC-Gruppe

New construction Caleido Stuttgart
Builder: Hochtief Projektentwicklung
Architecture: Léon Wohlhage Wernik
Area: 20,000 m² (above ground)
Project costs: € 30 million
Realization: 2010-2014
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

BVG Karlsruhe

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - Bundesverfassungsgericht Karlsruhe - FC-Gruppe

Makeover Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court)
Builder: Staatliche Hochbauamt Karlsruhe
Architecture: Assem Architecten
Area: 16,300 m²
Project costs: € 24.3 million
Realization: 2009-2015
Company Division: Steuern (Controlling)

BGV Karlsruhe

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - BGV Karlsruhe - FC-Gruppe

Revitalization BGV Karlsruhe
Builder: BGV Karlsruhe
Architecture: Vollack Architec
Area: 23,000 m²
Technical costs: € 11.2 million
Realization: 2010-2011
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

Volksbank Karlsruhe

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - Volksbank Karlsruhe - FC-Gruppe

New building Volksbank Karlsruhe
Builder: Volksbank Karlsruhe
Architecture: Herrmann + Bosch Architekten
Area: 18,000 m²
Technical costs: € 6.2 million
Realization: 2008-2009
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

Maxxon Areal Eschborn

Projekte - Büro und Verwaltung - Maxxon Areal - FC-Gruppe

Revitalization Maxxon Areal
Builder: IFM Frankfurt
Architecture: RKW Düsseldorf
Area: 16,000 m²
Technical costs: € 4.2 million
Realization: 2006-2007
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

WGV Stuttgart

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - Neubau WGV Stuttgart - FC-Gruppe

New construction WGV Stuttgart
Builder: WGV AG
Architecture: Hascher Jehle architecture
Area: 16,000 m²
Technical costs: € 6.8 million
Realization: 2010-2014
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

ADAC Bruchsal

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - ADAC Bruchsal - FC-Gruppe

New building ADAC Bruchsal
Builder: ADAC Nordbaden
Architecture: Assem architects
Area: 10,360 m²
Technical costs: € 4.1 million
Realization: 2011-2016
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

DKV Ratingen

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - DKV-Ratingen - FC-Gruppe

New building Headquarter Administration DKV Ratingen
Builder: Ernst & Berta Grimmke Stiftung
Architecture: Ropertz & Partner
Area: 10,500 m²
Project costs: € 19.5 million
Realization: 2009-2011
Company Division: Planen (KGR 400)

Targobank Düsseldorf

Projekte - Büro und Verwaltung - Targobank Duesseldorf - FC-Gruppe

Rehabilitation of the main administrative building
Targobank Düsseldorf
Builder: Targobank AG & Co. KGaA
Architecture: RKW architecture
Project costs: € 3.2 million
Realization: 2011-2013
Company Division: Planen (KGR 420, 480)

KIT Karlsruhe

Projekt - Büro und Verwaltung - Alte chemische Technik KIT Karlsruhe - FC-Gruppe

Rehabilitation Alte Chemische Technik KIT Campus South
Builder: Vermögen und Bau Amt Karlsruhe
Architecture: Archis Karlsruhe
Area: 3,200 m²
Project costs: € 9.5 million
Realization: 2009-2013
Company Division: Planen (KGR 410-440)

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