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Building Information Modeling (BIM) as an optimized method for the planning, execution and operation of buildings is increasingly used as a planning method in Germany. Process optimization in planning is achieved by consistent digitization and intelligent building modelling as well as modified working methodologies.

We are constantly engaged in the optimization of planning processes and have already implemented numerous projects at higher BIM level according to the timetable of the Federal Government for "Digital Building and Planning". Through our membership in buildingSMART e.V., we are actively involved in the development of standardized information exchange via IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). We are able to image building models by software, set up our planning and ensure the exchange of data with all project partners via defined interfaces. Besides the geometry of the components, technical data, costs and construction times can be filed in the model. All project partners insert their planning into one and the same building model, to the benefit of our customer.

The impact of decisions becomes more transparent, conflicts are recognized at an early stage, and all participants are working on the same status of planning, saving time and money. In addition, as a BIM manager, we offer a portfolio of services for your BIM project, especially with respect to primary tools for project management and consulting. Together with you as the customer, we define at the start of the project what BIM means to your project, how BIM will be used during the planning and construction phase, and how you will use it later yourself. We create for you a BIM-task book, specifically defined for your BVH, to which all project partners adhere. This is combined with a consistent building model for a loss-free data exchange. At the FC-Gruppe, we constantly further develop and optimize planning and BIM. These activities have been pooled under the working title FC 4.0. We foresee a bright future for digital building modelling with great opportunities.

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