Book: Lean Construction

Key questions of value creation in construction management

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Why is the real construction progress always slower than the planned one? Which performance indicators are really relevant in the management of a construction project and which could be neglected? How to apply the integrated planning method based on Last-Planner®? Which social skills does need a moderator of building discussions? How are clock planning and clock control defined and for which construction projects are they useful? When does the construction project really end and with which calculation approach can this be predicted? What are suitable methods for trouble shooting for projects in bad state?

These are some of the key questions addressed and answered in the new book "Lean-Construction, practical insights for innovative construction management" by Alexander Lange. The book is easily accessible and lively written. It contains many directly applicable approaches from Lean-Construction, which will sustainably improve the construction planning and project implementation.

Author: Prof. Dr. Alexander Lange (Managing Director FC-Beratung)
Publisher: Tredition
ISBN 13: 978-3-7345-8169-4
Language: English

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