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Sustainability begins with concepts based on ecological-friendly technologies to avoid waste of resources, to support thinking and action in life-cycles, and to integrate them consistently into the planning. The aim is to plan, operate and exploit the built environment for the benefit of everyone. The interests of coming generations shall be reconciled with the economic interests of today’s builders, investors and users. Green buildings have the task of reducing the environmental impact significantly, since buildings are responsible for high consumption of land, energy and water, particularly in the industrial nations, and thus also for changes of air quality and earth atmosphere.

Since 2009, we have been a member of the DGNB, the German Sustainable Building Society, which has articulated in the mission statement a carefully balanced interplay of efficiency, sufficiency and consistency in the development of solutions and the definition of action targets. We have our own auditors, who incorporate ecological-friendly planning and solutions of the DGNB into the methodology of our concepts. As a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), we are experts for green buildings and their certification.

The classical approach of sustainability is based on three dimensions: ecology, economics and sociocultural aspects. The technical systems and their quality have a major influence on all three dimensions and, thus, also safeguard the value and sustainability of your investments. We support you in the process from the development of ideas and concepts to the certification of your property. Based on the certification model chosen by the client, our engineers develop the technical solutions and, if necessary, provide an economic assessment for decision making, no matter if your investment is a new business or an existing property. Our experts from all relevant divisions advise you in the selection of certification models, certification levels, certification costs, the implementation of sustainable energy and technology concepts, and thus make a significant contribution to respect the interests of future generations.

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