Hospital 4.0

What does Industry 4.0 mean for hospitals?

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Industry 4.0 (German nickname for the Internet of Things in industrial processes) is on everyone's mind, but what does Industry 4.0 mean for hospitals? In contrast to industry, no automation and manufacturing techniques are central to the operation of a hospital. It is all about people, diagnostics and therapy processes. However, the necessary and supportive supply and disposal processes, such as pharmaceutical and laundry supplies as well as waste disposal, are of great importance for the economic operation of a hospital.

We aim at optimizing and automating these processes and have dedicated ourselves to the development of tailor-made solutions for hospitals. We help our customers in the healthcare sector to meet the requirements from a variety of logistics tasks. This is achieved by combining our expertise in information, medical and conveyor technology.

In order to introduce such solutions, an analysis of the organizational structure and the current level of digitization needs to be conducted, first. For this purpose, we have formed dedicated expert teams from the above mentioned disciplines. The logistics in place are assessed individually for the respective hospital, and the potential for process optimization is identified and described. Based on these findings, a feasibility study is prepared which leads into a profitability analysis. Then, a roadmap is developed with the decision-makers, in which individual subprojects with clear tasks and project boundaries are defined. Based on this roadmap, a step-by-step implementation is executed taking operational planning and resources of the customer into account. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we create real added value and accompany our customers from the first idea to their reliable implementation.

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