Large-Scale Projects

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Large-scale projects have a rather bad reputation in Germany. Often, their completion dates are postponed several times, sometimes by years. Just as often, the cost frame is largely exceeded, and additional funds must be used - mostly from tax money. We think: This is not necessary!

Often the errors are already made in the project development. The internal project organization is not set up correctly and possibly staffed with the wrong people. In the course of the project, many issues may add up including competing individual interests, change requests by the building owner, planners that are overstrained by parallel planning and building, and a lack in coordination of the construction work.

From the first idea for a large-scale project, we support our customers. This starts with the structure and staffing of the internal and external project organization, the installation and coordination with supervisory authorities, and continues with further project consulting, such as the development of a spatial and functional program or the search for a suitable construction site. We also negotiate for our customers federal, state or EU subsidies. We pay attention to the timely information and involvement of the public, and we can deal with the special pressure and public interest of regional and national large-scale projects.

We also ensure a positive perception of the project by realistic assessments of costs and deadlines. The related project-accompanying communication results in a successful associated expectation management with the public and supervisory authorities. In the course of the project, we pay keen attention to a reliable planning. We involve in good time licensing authorities and other stakeholders and advise on the right choice of tendering procedures. By means of efficient decision-making management, we also ensure that decisions are made in a timely manner and that their impacts on deadlines and costs are transparent. This avoids the escalation of project objectives and leads to a targeted project success.

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