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Futurum Creare.

Together we shape the future. As a dynamic team with advanced digital expertise, we develop future-oriented engineering solutions as part of our project business. We rely on the creative energy of our employees to not only drive technological innovation, but also to bring about sustainable and positive change in society and the environment.

Discover our apprenticeship programs

Technical professions

Technical professions

In this apprenticeship, you will master complex technical challenges and develop suitable solutions. Your creativity and technical skills will be put to full use as you become part of a future-oriented team.

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Business professions

Business professions

If you have a talent for organization and communication and like to plan things, then an apprenticeship in the business sector could be just right for you. Here you can use your strengths and take advantage of career opportunities in a dynamic and future-oriented industry.

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Dual study program

Dual study program

Are you faced with the choice between a theoretical degree and practical training? Why not combine the two?

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Haven't found a suitable entry-level option yet? We offer a coffee date format where you can talk to our recruiter Tessina about possible job prospects at FC with no obligation. This is a great opportunity to find out more about our current opportunities and how you might fit into our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Explore our projects

Convention Center Heidelberg

In Heidelberg, a city with a strong science and business community, a new congress center is being built next to the main train station. The main hall offers 1,900 seats. The FC Group is responsible for the conveyor systems that connect the individual levels and provide access from the underground parking garage. In addition to the elevators for visitors and catering, a 7.5 t elevator for large and heavy objects is also being implemented.

Heidelberg University - European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic computing, computers modelled on the brain. In Heidelberg, the FC Group realises innovative, energy-efficient systems that are ideal for complex data analyses and learning in cognitive processes, and we even master the challenge of an open IT structure for water-cooled wavers.

Schwarz Project Campus

The Schwarz Group is strengthening its presence in the Heilbronn region with an additional location. The Schwarz Project Campus, which is mainly used by IT employees, is being built in Bad Friedrichshall. The FC Group coordinates the participating companies using analog and digital lean management methods.

Ortenau Clinic - Agenda 2030

With Agenda 2030, the Ortenau Klinikum is securing its future viability as a municipal facility. With the estimated total costs of 720 million euros, the client is investing in high-quality, comprehensive patient care and creating new and attractive jobs for qualified staff. As the FC Group, we have been commissioned with the comprehensive planning of cost group 400 for the clinic buildings and geriatric care centres at the Offenburg, Gengenbach and Lahr sites.

Rhine Ordnance Barracks

On the US military site east of Ramstein Airport, a large supra-regional hospital is being built for US military personnel. The clinic will provide medical care for wounded soldiers from Europe, Asia and Africa and the approximately 60,000 US citizens living in southern Germany. The new building will house 120 examination and treatment rooms, around 70 beds and nine operating theaters. A facade access system will be used to clean and maintain the building envelope.

Municipal Hospital - House M

All intensive care units of the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital and the central operating theatre with 20 operating theatres were housed in House M. In addition, the general care wards with 240 beds as well as the central sterilisation and the extension of the central emergency department were realised in House M. The FC Group planned the cost groups 410-440, 470 (medical gases and fire extinguishing systems) and 480. The FC Group was also responsible for the construction supervision of these trades.

Refurbishment of the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

The listed Kunsthalle in Karlsruhe is being modernized and extended with a new building on the adjacent district court site. The aim is to unite the institution in two buildings of equal value, connected by an underground passage. Our tasks include air-conditioning the galleries, creating accessibility, improving visitor orientation, renewing the technical infrastructure and restoring the halls on the first floor in line with historic preservation requirements. The FC Group is in charge of the planning and construction management of the sophisticated building automation, which controls the air conditioning and lighting technology.

Karlsruhe combined solution

At almost 1.5 billion euros, the combined transport solution is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Karlsruhe technology region. The combined transport solution is a transport infrastructure project for greater mobility and quality of life in Karlsruhe. This infrastructure project was supported by the FC Group in the areas of scheduling, quality assurance and line monitoring.

Allianz Campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

The campus offers inspiring working environments for 4,500 employees, including innovative office space, conference areas, a staff restaurant, a sports hall and a plaza as a central meeting point. A particular technical highlight is the kinetic energy storage system, which guarantees an uninterrupted power supply in accordance with the DGNB platinum standard.

Apprentice Welcome Day

We organize the Apprentice Day to welcome our apprentices from the various locations. We organize a get-to-know-you program where everything is taken care of.


Our aim is to ensure that you feel optimally supported during your training. That's why we carefully prepare your mentoring in order to promote your development with us in the best possible way.


Drive your professional development at the FC Group! Our experience shows that many of our trainees continue on their path with the FC Group even after their training period. We not only offer an instructive training period, but also promising prospects that match your interests.

Kununu Top Company Award 2024

We are proud to have been recognized as a top employer for the third time in a row and to have received the Top Company Award from the employer rating platform Kununu.