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Innovative and

The FC-Group accepts the challenge of creating intelligent and sustainable infrastructures of the future. With extensive expertise in transportation, environment and energy, we focus on transparency, honesty and a collaborative approach. Our expertise ranges from road and hydraulic engineering to extra-high voltage ranges of 380kV AC or even 525kV DC, and our dynamic team culture enables continuous process improvements and innovative project delivery.

What we do in the area of Infrastructure.



Our focus is on sustainable solutions that ensure efficient mobility and safety. Our expertise extends to the precise understanding of traffic-relevant interfaces and the rapid identification of important aspects. This enables us to plan the steps in the project effectively and implement them reliably.



We position ourselves through our expertise in hydraulic engineering by designing sustainable water infrastructures. Due to a deep understanding of the relevant interfaces, we can precisely plan and reliably implement the necessary steps in the project. Our expertise covers hydraulic engineering as well as media supply and disposal to ensure a reliable water supply and the protection of this essential resource.

Energy supply

Energy supply

Our property monitoring service ensures that your energy infrastructures are implemented and operated efficiently. We place particular emphasis on ensuring effective energy generation, distribution and utilization in your buildings or facilities. Our expertise ranges from renewable energies to extra-high voltage ranges of 380kV AC or even 525kV DC to ensure innovative energy solutions.

Selected project in the area of Infrastructure.


As the energy landscape changes, the FC Group takes on the management, planning and consulting for TransnetBW in order to meet the constantly growing demands on extra-high voltage systems in technical building equipment. From the early preparation of technical specifications during project development to the active support of approval procedures and the performance of technical quality inspections during the construction phase, we lay the foundations for successful and responsible implementation.


HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current transmission refers to the technology that involves the low-loss transport of electricity over long distances. We understand the requirements of this technology and adapt it to the technical building equipment.

Digital tools

Cloud-based applications provide access to up-to-date plans and 3D models on site, even in areas without Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, while visual documentation, including drone footage and 3D documentation, is managed in the cloud and filterable based on a database.

Team building for construction site teams

In the midst of a shortage of skilled workers and increasing demands, team building is crucial for construction site teams in order to promote employee motivation, increase employer attractiveness and strengthen the innovative power for future-oriented construction projects.

AI application

The use of artificial intelligence on construction sites, for example through autonomously controlled construction machinery, not only improves current performance, but also opens up future prospects such as predictive maintenance and adaptive construction planning, which are transforming the construction industry in an innovative and sustainable way.

Home office in project supervision

We are interested in how property monitoring from the home office can be realized with the help of digital monitoring systems. The integration of AI for real-time analysis and improved security protocols could not only make remote management more efficient, but also open up new perspectives for advanced documentation options.