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Shaping the future in a smart way.

The FC Group combines in-depth knowledge from different sectors with an affinity for technology and an entrepreneurial dynamic. Through our experience in digitalization, agility and lean management, we enable organizations to launch their pioneering projects and drive transformation at scale. With our interdisciplinary teams, we pursue a clear goal: we tackle the most important challenges and opportunities of our world and help shape them with clever strategies and creative and reliable solutions.

We advise on digitalization & organizational development.

Digital Transformation

Through a comprehensive understanding of the use of new technologies, we realign organisations to create sustainable added value.

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Human Resources Transformation

The FC Group modernises your HR management from A to Z. With digital tools and creative concepts, we create solutions in response to the shortage of skilled labour.

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Agile & Lean Transformation

With well thought-out structures, Agile & Lean Management can be the perfect combination for companies looking for sustainable performance improvements.

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We advise on construction & sustainability.

Lean Management

In our lean management consultancy, we enable our customers to apply lean methods in a targeted manner. Find out here how we maximise your project results.

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SCRUM in the construction industry

Explore the potential of SCRUM for your projects with the FC-Group. Our practical advice and individual solutions enable you to react flexibly to changes and maximise the success of your project.

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Energy Consulting

As interdisciplinary engineers, we strive to optimize the energy efficiency and aesthetics of your property in order to reduce CO2 emissions and costs.

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We advise systematically.

We advise systematically.
1As-is analysis
The as-is analysis is the starting point of a problem-solving strategy. It involves a thorough examination and evaluation of the current situation or an existing problem in order to obtain a clear idea of what is currently at hand.
2Needs assessment
The needs assessment identifies the requirements and needs that emerge from the as-is analysis. This involves collecting information and feedback from relevant stakeholders in order to determine the required measures more precisely.
3Derivation of measures
Based on the results of the analysis of the current situation and the needs assessment, concrete steps and measures are developed to solve the problem or improve the situation. This includes the definition of goals, strategies and resources required to implement the desired changes.
4Implementation of measures
Implementation is the process in which the planned measures are actually realized. This requires the coordination of activities, the assignment of responsibilities and the monitoring of progress to ensure that the desired changes are successfully introduced.