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The FC-Group has extensive experience in supporting building construction projects and offers our clients a good balance between overarching management and problem-solving expertise for detailed issues. We support clients holistically, accompanying them through all project phases and offering expert advice to achieve optimum results while taking quality standards, deadlines and costs into account.

What we do in the area of Building Construction.

Project supervision / construction management

Project supervision / construction management

The FC-Group's project supervision guarantees precise control of costs, deadlines and quality throughout the entire construction process. We not only coordinate all parties involved in the construction process, but also offer integrated support for KGR 300 (building construction) and 400 (technical building services) from a single source. By using digital, electronic and optimized processes, we ensure that all workflows run efficiently and smoothly, thus offering a high-quality construction project monitoring service.



We support your project and focus on dynamic troubleshooting. Our team specializes in identifying obstacles at an early stage and taking proactive action. Budget overruns, schedule delays or quality problems are not only monitored by us, but actively resolved. With transparent communication, flexibility and a collaborative approach, we create not only solutions but also added value for your construction project.

Quality assurance and expert reports

Quality assurance and expert reports

Quality assurance and expert reports in building construction include expert activities, troubleshooting and guaranteeing quality assurance right from the planning phase. As a reliable partner, we offer detailed expert reports and precise quality assurance measures. Our expertise covers comprehensive quality assurance from planning to implementation.

Laboratory and hospital construction

Laboratory and hospital construction

Our expertise in the construction of laboratories and hospitals is characterized by the precise implementation of hygiene and fire protection requirements. With experience in managing complex construction projects, we effectively coordinate multiple stakeholders to ensure the highest standards. Our expertise extends to complex coordination to ensure a smooth construction process and the successful implementation of challenging projects.



Our expertise in the area of security in building construction is based on cooperation with reliable partners and thorough security checks. We offer flexible solutions that can be used both at home and abroad to ensure the highest security standards. With our expertise, we create a reliable security infrastructure for construction projects of all kinds.

Selected projects in the field of building construction.

Municipal Hospital - House M

All intensive care units of the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital and the central operating theatre with 20 operating theatres were housed in House M. In addition, the general care wards with 240 beds as well as the central sterilisation and the extension of the central emergency department were realised in House M. The FC Group planned the cost groups 410-440, 470 (medical gases and fire extinguishing systems) and 480. The FC Group was also responsible for the construction supervision of these trades.

Corporate Headquarters Heidelberg Materials AG

Heidelberg Materials AG has built a new corporate headquarters in Heidelberg. The new administration building combines flexible working environments with large conference areas and special use areas and offers state-of-the-art office infrastructure with an optimum indoor climate based on a sophisticated energy concept. The FC Group supported this challenging construction task with three service packages: Quality Assurance, Lean Management and Technical Controlling.

Digital tools

Cloud-based applications provide access to up-to-date plans and 3D models on site, even in areas without Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, while visual documentation, including drone footage and 3D documentation, is managed in the cloud and filterable based on a database.

Building ­Information Modeling

BIM transforms the project management of construction projects through precise 3D CAD planning and efficient communication. It enables a smooth process from start to finish and guarantees time and cost-efficient construction projects with digital precision.

Digital twin

The digital twin in the BIM model represents a virtual image of a building that contains detailed information about its structure and function throughout its life cycle. This enables efficient collaboration, improved visualization, simulation and data-driven analysis for optimized planning, execution and management of construction projects.

Home office in project supervision

We are interested in how property monitoring from the home office can be realized with the help of digital monitoring systems. The integration of AI for real-time analysis and improved security protocols could not only make remote management more efficient, but also open up new perspectives for advanced documentation options.

Team building for construction site teams

In the midst of a shortage of skilled workers and increasing demands, team building is crucial for construction site teams in order to promote employee motivation, increase employer attractiveness and strengthen the innovative power for future-oriented construction projects.

AI application

The use of artificial intelligence on construction sites, for example through autonomously controlled construction machinery, not only improves current performance, but also opens up future prospects such as predictive maintenance and adaptive construction planning, which are transforming the construction industry in an innovative and sustainable way.