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Digital. Intelligent and automated.

From the sustainable planning of hospitals or research buildings to the implementation of lean logistics and automated goods transport. Through the targeted digitalisation of processes and the development of customised software solutions, we set trends in the healthcare sector by increasing efficiency and creating innovative approaches for patient care.

Hospital 4.0

The German healthcare system is undergoing structural change due to demographic change and a shortage of skilled labour. Digitalisation and automation offer solutions, but require customised approaches in hospitals, where the focus is on individual diagnosis and therapy processes. Holistic concepts are crucial for successful digitalisation, from patient care to goods logistics.

Unit-dose system

With the unit-dose system, medicines to be administered are compiled for the individual patient by an automated pharmacy directly according to the specialist's prescription and delivered to the wards by transport systems, such as a pneumatic tube system. This increases patient safety, enables complete documentation and reduces the drug budget in the long term.

Hospital logistics

The logistical requirements in the healthcare sector, especially in hospitals, differ considerably from other industries. The safe transport of medical products and infectious waste as well as an increased scepticism towards automation characterise the challenges. The FC Group overcomes these problems in the healthcare sector through innovative hospital logistics planning.

Intelligent linking

In addition to the automated guided vehicle system, which is used for large-volume and plannable transport in hospitals, other automated goods transport systems are also available. By combining different systems, such as pneumatic tube systems or small conveyor systems, the comprehensive potential of digitalisation can be optimally exploited in hospitals.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 stands for the comprehensive digitalisation of production and intelligent networking of machines, processes and customers. The FC Group goes one step further by considering the entire product life cycle from the idea to development, production, utilisation and recycling. With our interdisciplinary expertise in construction, logistics and digitalisation, we develop tailor-made solutions. We design these through analyses, feasibility studies and step-by-step implementation in close cooperation with our customers.

Selected projects in the Health sector.

Ortenau Clinic - Agenda 2030

With Agenda 2030, the Ortenau Klinikum is securing its future viability as a municipal facility. With the estimated total costs of 720 million euros, the client is investing in high-quality, comprehensive patient care and creating new and attractive jobs for qualified staff. As the FC Group, we have been commissioned with the comprehensive planning of cost group 400 for the clinic buildings and geriatric care centres at the Offenburg, Gengenbach and Lahr sites.

ViDia Kliniken Karlsruhe - pneumatic tube system and lifts

We successfully developed a state-of-the-art pneumatic tube system for the modern replacement building of the ViDia clinics in Karlsruhe, put it out to tender and supervised it through to commissioning. The system comprises two systems with diameters of 100 mm and 160 mm, extends over a kilometre of pipe and efficiently serves 28 destination stations. We also planned ten lifts to ensure smooth transport in the clinics.

Rhine Ordnance Barracks

On the US military site east of Ramstein Airport, a large supra-regional hospital is being built for US military personnel. The clinic will provide medical care for wounded soldiers from Europe, Asia and Africa and the approximately 60,000 US citizens living in southern Germany. The new building will house 120 examination and treatment rooms, around 70 beds and nine operating theaters. A facade access system will be used to clean and maintain the building envelope.

Municipal Hospital - House M

All intensive care units of the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital and the central operating theatre with 20 operating theatres were housed in House M. In addition, the general care wards with 240 beds as well as the central sterilisation and the extension of the central emergency department were realised in House M. The FC Group planned the cost groups 410-440, 470 (medical gases and fire extinguishing systems) and 480. The FC Group was also responsible for the construction supervision of these trades.

Robert Bosch Hospital

As part of the new building on the campus of the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, the FC Group is responsible for planning the lifts, container weighing system, pneumatic tube system and automated guided vehicles (AGV). The focus is on the optimal design of the material flow for different goods with specific requirements in different transport containers, such as pharmacy goods.

Neurological rehabilitation phase B BDH Clinic Elzach

The FC Group successfully took on the general planning for a pioneering new building that integrates intensive care, monitoring, imaging, endoscopy and a gymnastics hall with medical-therapeutic training.

Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital

The FC Group is an expert in the construction of laboratories and clean rooms in the new Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital Building I with pharmacy, microbiology, hospital hygiene and training rooms. The highly technical building with a customized ventilation system enables diagnostics and quality assurance in 18 laboratories. The pharmacy produces to the highest standards, while the MTL school offers 16 laboratory workstations and a modern, digitally networked training laboratory.

New Campus Central Clinic

The FC Group takes on the project management for the clinics in the district of Lörrach by providing comprehensive monitoring and advice for political decision-makers. With regular project status reports, the FC Group ensures transparent monitoring of time, costs and quality. The implemented risk management system also ensures that potential challenges are dealt with proactively to ensure the successful implementation of construction projects.

Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim functional building

The FC Group designed the architecture, medical technology and fire protection planning for the innovative new extension to the Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim, which includes 11 operating theatres as well as specialised maternity and nursing wards.

Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim

The target planning of the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim is based on a 5-stage realisation concept. Starting with the commissioning of K3, a building for the care of adolescent psychiatric patients, through to the expansion of the outpatient clinics, which is currently in the planning stage, the future-oriented development process of one of Germany's leading locations for the treatment and research of psychiatric illnesses has been completed.

CIGL research building University of Giessen

The FC Group planned the laboratory equipment for the CIGL research building at the University of Giessen - a centre for research into lung and infectious diseases. The equipment includes S2 laboratory areas with cell culture laboratories, a semi-automated biobank, a laboratory with a two-photon microscope and a clean room. Focussing on diverse user groups, we offer optimal solutions for demanding research buildings.

Winnenden Hospital

The new hospital building has optimal structures for medical care in the Rems-Murr district. With 600 beds and ten operating theatres, the new building is the equivalent of a central care facility that has not previously existed in the Rems-Murr district. As a lateral entrant, the FC Group took over the project management until completion. Our task was to bring together different interests in a moderate manner and to bring the project to a co-operative conclusion for all parties involved.

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