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With extensive experience in handling approval procedures, the FC Group successfully navigates through complex processes. We ensure that planned plants comply with the protection guidelines, particularly in the immission control approval procedure in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act. Through open communication with the authorities and early discussions before applications are submitted, we guarantee a smooth process.

What we do in the area of Approvals.

Support with approval procedures

Support with approval procedures

The FC Group is characterized by extensive experience in the successful support of approval procedures for infrastructure projects. Through in-depth expertise and best practices, we enable the approval processes to run smoothly by obtaining all the necessary permits from the authorities and effectively integrating public participation.

Advice on immission control law

Advice on immission control law

With a special focus on plant engineering projects, the FC Group masters the immission control approval procedure in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG). Our expertise ranges from the comprehensive analysis of the effects on people and the environment to ensuring that the planned plants comply with the strict protection guidelines of the BImSchG. This enables the harmonious combination of increasing energy demand and environmental protection requirements.

Selected project in the area of Approvals.

Project SuedLink

The FC Group was involved in the procedure for the first partial construction permit in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) for TransnetBW's SuedLink project and prepared and submitted the documents required for the permit. Particular attention was paid here to the approval of the rainwater drainage system, taking into account any impact on the flood safety of the facility. The permit was granted in August 2016.

Water law

Water protection in construction projects - We responsibly shape the future through comprehensive knowledge of water law, safeguard the quality of our waters and support you through approved and sustainable construction projects.

Building ­Information Modeling

BIM transforms the project management of construction projects through precise 3D CAD planning and efficient communication. It enables a smooth process from start to finish and guarantees time and cost-efficient construction projects with digital precision.

Digital twin

The digital twin in the BIM model represents a virtual image of a building that contains detailed information about its structure and function throughout its life cycle. This enables efficient collaboration, improved visualization, simulation and data-driven analysis for optimized planning, execution and management of construction projects.

Large projects

The project management of large-scale projects requires a complex internal and external organizational structure in order to avoid potential errors at an early stage. We take on the comprehensive planning, management and consulting, placing particular emphasis on transparent communication, realistic cost and deadline assessments and effective decision management for positive project success.


The FC Group is a pioneer in the energy monitoring of buildings and processes. We monitor processes through measurement, data collection and analysis for targeted interventions and deviation management.

Digital tools

Cloud-based applications provide access to up-to-date plans and 3D models on site, even in areas without Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, while visual documentation, including drone footage and 3D documentation, is managed in the cloud and filterable based on a database.

Lean Management

We enable our clients to understand, apply and continuously improve relevant lean methods and tools to optimize projects and make companies more efficient.