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Perfectly tuned.

Digital transformation offers enormous potential. In order to utilise this potential effectively, we offer integrated IT solutions to make your digital world secure, networked and scalable. With our expertise in the field of digitalisation, we support companies from strategy and concept development to delivery, implementation and operation of their IT systems. Our services are customised so that our customers can concentrate fully on their core business.

We digitalise for the future.


More than just a technical resource. A functioning IT infrastructure supports operating processes and is an elementary part of the value chain.

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The quality and frequency of cyber attacks is increasing. The FC Group's IT security portfolio offers comprehensive protection against digital threats.

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Managed Services

More time for your core business because we take care of the reliability, performance and availability of your IT systems.

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Guarantor for a flexible, scalable and secure IT infrastructure to remain competitive in the digital era.

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For a symphony to sound good, the musicians need a perfectly coordinated basic framework - the composition - to guide their playing. We see ourselves as digital composers and our concepts lay the foundation for harmonizing the technological infrastructure with the software and the users.
The thrilling power of a symphony comes from the different instruments working together to give you goosebumps. We look at technologies like instruments that should be tuned to create a harmonious melody.
An orchestra without a conductor is like an IT system landscape without support. We take on the role of conductor and support you with our expertise.
So there's only one thing left for the audience to do: sit back and enjoy. We make sure that everything runs smoothly, accompany and monitor the process and ensure that you can enjoy your customized solution.