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Shaping the future.

Shaping the future is at the heart of our Group, which is helping to shape the constant change in our world in a determined, positive and sustainable way. Our efforts span various sectors, from smart cities and sustainable water supply to environmentally friendly mobility and advanced digitalization. In our mission, we combine innovation, dedication and responsibility to leave a lasting, positive heartbeat for the world of tomorrow.

What drives us.

What drives us.
Our vision in the water sector is a world in which our technologies enable everyone to have access to clean drinking water. By focusing on efficiency and sustainability in modern water and wastewater technologies, we use hydrology, hydraulics and innovative simulation techniques to accurately assess water availability. With proactive adaptation strategies to the challenges of climate change, we strive for global cooperation to create innovative water infrastructures and use resources in a future-oriented way.
Germany's future viability is inextricably linked to the ongoing expansion of our digital infrastructure. Our focus is on current trend topics such as broadband expansion, frequency policy and the network alliance, which we not only actively address, but also implement through targeted services. At the same time, our efforts are focused on key aspects of the digitalization of society and transport. We are strongly committed to topics such as automated driving, the seamless integration of telematics and the effective use of IT-supported systems for earth and weather observation.
3Climate change
Our response to the challenges of climate change includes high-tech and sustainable concepts in planning, efficient use of resources, the use of low-emission technologies and a holistic view of the entire project life cycle. We analyze environmental challenges, use innovative technologies to reduce waste and continuously optimize our processes. Digital transformation enables precise planning, while the development of new technologies is based on renewable energies and resource-saving materials. Our consulting integrates sustainable principles, especially in projects such as urban planning, to jointly shape an environmentally friendly future.
We are shaping the future by developing advanced battery technologies and building modern battery factories. Our focus ranges from the electrification of individual vehicles to the expansion of resilient charging infrastructure and the optimization of public transport. Our vision covers the entire spectrum of mobility, from the production of advanced batteries to the creation of environmentally friendly mobility solutions.
In the dynamic development of urbanization, we see not only challenges, but above all the opportunity to reshape the future of our cities. Our approach integrates innovative technologies and sustainable design to transform urban spaces into vibrant, efficient living environments. With advanced planning and digital solutions, we shape smart cities that can respond flexibly to the needs of their residents. Our aim is to create vibrant centers where creativity, diversity and quality of life merge harmoniously. Through sustainable concepts, from green infrastructure to innovative mobility solutions, we not only shape the urban living space, but also transform it into a vibrant, social fabric.
6Large construction sites
There are several hundred major construction sites in Germany. More than half of these projects have serious cost and schedule problems. We optimize processes through targeted digitalization in order to manage costs effectively. The use of advanced software increases efficiency and accelerates project implementation. With active support and advice, we offer real-time solutions to proactively overcome challenges. In this way, we not only realize innovative technical solutions, but also ensure that projects are implemented economically without neglecting quality and adherence to deadlines.

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