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Innovative and

Our planning services combine creative architecture with technical expertise to provide customized solutions for a wide range of projects. Our vision is to design innovative environments that meet the highest quality standards and cater to the individual needs of our clients. From the planning of buildings to technological solutions, we focus on sustainable design and advanced technologies for future-oriented development.

We are planning buildings.

General Planning

In the FC-Group's general planning, we integrate architecture, engineering and operational organization to ensure that your vision of complex projects is realized efficiently and successfully.

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In our architectural planning, we combine creative design with technical expertise to develop innovative and highly technical solutions.

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Building Physics

In cooperation with the architecture, we design, develop and optimize innovative and sustainable building concepts.

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We are planning technology.

Technical Building Equipment

In our role as leading experts in the field of technical building services, we plan heating supply systems with a focus on heat generation and efficient heat distribution.

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Process technology

We support our customers regionally, nationally and internationally. We ensure efficient resource utilisation for you in industrial, power plant and mechanical engineering.

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Kitchen Technology

We understand the importance of canteen kitchens in communal catering and offer customised and sustainable solutions.

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Media Technology

For digital media environments, we rely not only on the latest expertise, but also on our many years of experience and passion for media technology.

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Conveyor Technology

Your experts for conveyor systems, logistics issues and the transport of people and goods. Discover more about trends and our expertise.

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Laboratory Technology

With a precise focus on your working environment in the field of research and teaching, we develop innovative laboratory concepts and offer customised solutions for your project.

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Medical Technology

Our holistic approach combines stationary, IT-connected and mobile medical equipment to create optimal options for patient care and staff support.

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We are planning infrastrucure.

Energy Supply

From determining requirements to integrating sustainable technologies, we design individual concepts to realise a reliable and efficient energy supply.

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Through advanced concepts and technologies, we are shaping a modern road landscape that meets the requirements of the future and offers an efficient and safe mobility experience.

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Water Management

We develop solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs in the areas of water supply, wastewater treatment and flood protection.

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Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling
IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an open international standard for data exchange in the construction industry. It enables the interoperable transfer of building data between different BIM software applications, promotes collaboration between those involved in planning and ensures consistent data exchange across different phases of a construction project.
The precise visualization in BIM enables a detailed representation of construction elements and planning aspects, allowing potential collisions to be identified visually. This not only contributes to proactive conflict resolution in the planning phase, but also improves overall coordination and enables efficient communication between those involved in planning.
By integrating ventilation aspects into the BIM model, architects and engineers can carry out a more precise analysis of air circulation, resulting in more effective ventilation solutions and optimized energy efficiency.
4Collision management
Collision management in BIM deals with the early detection and resolution of potential conflicts between different construction elements or trades as early as the planning phase. Thanks to the digital integration of information and geometries, BIM enables efficient coordination, which leads to a smooth process during the construction phase.