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We design technical building equipment through close teamwork, forming project teams of client employees and our versatile FC Group engineers. Our expertise ranges from power generation to the planning of sophisticated building and plant equipment, enabling us to offer customized total solutions. We use modern CAD/CAE tools and are active pioneers of Building Information Modeling (BIM) according to buildingSMART standards to ensure efficient and consistent planning.

What we do in the field of Technical Building Equipment.

Sanitation, Water and Gas Systems

Sanitation, Water and Gas Systems

Our expertise ranges from the planning of waste water, drinking water and gas systems for a wide variety of applications, including industrial and residential buildings, special media pipes in industrial plants, to swimming pool and brine technology in fun and adventure pools.

Heat Supply Systems

Heat Supply Systems

We offer specialist expertise in the planning of heat supply systems, including heat generation, effective heat distribution and heat transfer systems tailored to the architecture of industrial, commercial and residential buildings, as well as district and local heating projects for large industrial sites and public clients such as cities and municipalities.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems

We plan and supervise the entire field of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology. For the efficient implementation of the complex tasks for the buildings and systems to be constructed, the foundations for the subsequent system technology are laid in the early service phases through thermal and fluidic simulations. This approach pays off, especially for complex climate requirements in museum buildings and clean rooms.

Power Installations

Power Installations

In this specialist area, we plan the development from the energy supplier's transfer point to the last consumer indoors and outdoors. Based on a load analysis as part of a needs assessment, we plan the entire power supply infrastructure, starting from a networked medium-voltage switchgear, through downstream transformers and low-voltage switchgear, right up to the socket.

Information Technology Systems

Information Technology Systems

The basis for digitalized business and work processes is a stable and high-performance network. Depending on the industry and application, there are various requirements for reliability and data security. At the FC-Group, we develop tailor-made digitalization solutions that meet your individual needs.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Due to the constantly increasing demands on technical fire protection, the use of fire extinguishing systems such as sprinkler systems is becoming more and more important. Fire extinguishing systems in the industrial and commercial sector are prescribed by building regulations and required by insurers. We plan fire extinguishing systems for our customers in accordance with VdS, FM, NFPA and DIN standardization guidelines.

Building Automation

Building Automation

We are planning intelligent networking of your systems and optimize them to meet your specific needs, which we derive from your usage. Building and system automation is becoming increasingly important, as it encompasses, connects and coordinates all technical systems. Intelligent buildings are not simply used, but react and optimize themselves according to the needs of the users.

Energy Control Centers

Energy Control Centers

At the FC Group, we plan and develop innovative heating, cooling and power supply concepts for companies and public contractors. We place a particular focus on environmentally friendly technologies with high levels of efficiency. The focus is always on the sustainability of the project.

Selected projects in the field of Technical Building Equipment.

Allianz Campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

The campus offers inspiring working environments for 4,500 employees, including innovative office space, conference areas, a staff restaurant, a sports hall and a plaza as a central meeting point. A particular technical highlight is the kinetic energy storage system, which guarantees an uninterrupted power supply in accordance with the DGNB platinum standard.

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

We are planning the construction of a modern research building for light and electron microscopy for the EMBL. We are focussing on room air conditioning to ensure optimal conditions for successful experiments, with humidity being reduced to below 10 % relative humidity.

University of Stuttgart - Introduction of BACnet control technology

The FC Group managed the conversion of buildings at the University of Stuttgart to modern BACnet automation technology during ongoing operations, including integration into a higher-level control centre and replacement of local systems.

Heidelberg University - European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic computing, computers modelled on the brain. In Heidelberg, the FC Group realises innovative, energy-efficient systems that are ideal for complex data analyses and learning in cognitive processes, and we even master the challenge of an open IT structure for water-cooled wavers.

ADAC House Bruchsal

The entire energy supply for the site is 100% efficient and sustainable thanks to our innovative geothermal system. Our responsibility included the development of the energy concept and the planning of the entire technical building equipment (KG 400).

Lake Constance Forum Constance

The FC Group initially planned the technical building equipment for the original use as a research and administration building. After its commissioning, the building was sold and converted. The FC Group was commissioned to plan the technical building services for the high-quality conference and convention center.

Infrastructure renewal - Messe Berlin

The FC Group is driving forward the reorganization of Messe Berlin's energy supply with a focus on efficiency and renewable technologies. This includes the construction of two pellet boilers for environmentally friendly heat generation, the replacement of outdated chillers and hydraulic optimization measures for economical heating and cooling supply.


Through our careful planning and reliable implementation of the charging infrastructure for electromobility, we support you in realising innovative and sustainable transport systems.

Light design

Together with our customers, we plan lighting concepts for projects of all kinds. Light always has an effect: visually, emotionally and biologically. We develop lighting solutions for sensitive applications and use light as a design tool. The FC Group's planning always endeavours to support people's well-being in their working environment with the right light.

Building ­Information Modeling

BIM transforms the project management of construction projects through precise 3D CAD planning and efficient communication. It enables a smooth process from start to finish and guarantees time and cost-efficient construction projects with digital precision.

Facade ventilation and extraction

Decentralised solution for breathing buildings. As the FC Group, we plan pulsating façade ventilation systems that simulate natural air movement and thus enable buildings to "breathe". In contrast to a conventional ventilation system, such a solution eliminates the need for separate air ducts for supply and exhaust air.

LCW facades

Liquid crystals integrated into the façade help to control the energy input into the building and keep the view transparent regardless of wind and weather. Innovation, sustainability and design are combined.

Conservational room climate

Art is in the eye of the beholder. However, the necessary indoor climate for art is subject to strict requirements for a precisely defined temperature and humidity window. In addition, art and daylight play an important role in the conservation and presentation of the individual exhibits.

Infrastructure for process plants

The industrial processes of industrial companies and power plants require sophisticated infrastructure and supply technology. Customised solutions, specially tailored to the processes of our customers, are an important feature of the FC Group.

Fire protection

The FC Group offers a holistic solution for fire protection refurbishment by developing customised concepts with the authorities. From coordination with the authorities to planning, tendering and monitoring, we work from a single source. Especially in historic buildings, we master fire protection refurbishment without interrupting operations.