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Sustainable and

Our aim is to realise environmentally friendly projects and support our customers in the efficient use of resources. We deliver the right solution for your project, from stable and efficient operation of individual projects to all-round carefree packages.

Renewable energies

Our projects are focussed on renewable energies, an essential component in the fight against climate change. By expanding the electricity transmission grid, in particular through projects such as ULTRANET and SuedLink, we are supporting the transformation to decentralised, green energy generation in Germany and Europe.


HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current transmission refers to the technology that involves the low-loss transport of electricity over long distances. We understand the requirements of this technology and adapt it to the technical building equipment.

LCW facades

Liquid crystals integrated into the façade help to control the energy input into the building and keep the view transparent regardless of wind and weather. Innovation, sustainability and design are combined.


Through our careful planning and reliable implementation of the charging infrastructure for electromobility, we support you in realising innovative and sustainable transport systems.

Selected projects in the Energy sector.


As the energy landscape changes, the FC Group takes on the management, planning and consulting for TransnetBW in order to meet the constantly growing demands on extra-high voltage systems in technical building equipment. From the early preparation of technical specifications during project development to the active support of approval procedures and the performance of technical quality inspections during the construction phase, we lay the foundations for successful and responsible implementation.

Allianz Campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

The campus offers inspiring working environments for 4,500 employees, including innovative office space, conference areas, a staff restaurant, a sports hall and a plaza as a central meeting point. A particular technical highlight is the kinetic energy storage system, which guarantees an uninterrupted power supply in accordance with the DGNB platinum standard.

Corporate Headquarters Heidelberg Materials AG

Heidelberg Materials AG has built a new corporate headquarters in Heidelberg. The new administration building combines flexible working environments with large conference areas and special use areas and offers state-of-the-art office infrastructure with an optimum indoor climate based on a sophisticated energy concept. The FC Group supported this challenging construction task with three service packages: Quality Assurance, Lean Management and Technical Controlling.

New stadium SC Freiburg

The FC Group assumes responsibility for the technical object monitoring of supply technology. This means that we actively ensure the monitoring and control of technical systems. Aspects such as energy efficiency, safety and reliability play a central role here.

Infrastructure renewal - Messe Berlin

The FC Group is driving forward the reorganization of Messe Berlin's energy supply with a focus on efficiency and renewable technologies. This includes the construction of two pellet boilers for environmentally friendly heat generation, the replacement of outdated chillers and hydraulic optimization measures for economical heating and cooling supply.

New energy supply - Klinikum Karlsruhe

The energy concept focussed on maximum security of supply in order to ensure uninterrupted energy supply for the hospital's maximum care. Our solution comprised a gas-fuelled combined heat and power system, district heating from the Karlsruhe public utility company, two steam boilers and three turbo chillers, which also took economic and ecological aspects into account.

ADAC House Bruchsal

The entire energy supply for the site is 100% efficient and sustainable thanks to our innovative geothermal system. Our responsibility included the development of the energy concept and the planning of the entire technical building equipment (KG 400).

What we do in the Energy sector. Services.



Our interdisciplinary teams use digital models for efficient and collaborative planning. The interaction of the individual competences is important to us.

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Project Management

Project Management

As specialists with in-depth expertise, we understand what we are managing and thus ensure the success of the project.

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We provide advice and support from the initial idea to its reliable implementation, be it in digital transformation, strategy or process consulting.

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With an extensive background in project supervision spanning numerous years, we guarantee streamlined processes and strict adherence to budgetary constraints throughout every phase, ranging from initial planning to ultimate execution.

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