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Innovative and

With a successful symbiosis of innovative concepts and profound specialist knowledge, our experts design tailor-made solutions in the fields of architecture, engineering and operational organization. Rely on our longstanding experience to realize your visions through advanced general planning - for projects that not only impress, but also meet the highest quality standards and efficiency requirements.

What we do in the area of general planning.

Process Management

Process Management

Our company offers comprehensive experience in the implementation of award procedures in accordance with VOB and VOL, including the use of electronic platforms and detailed documentation. We provide support in the awarding of professional services in accordance with procurement procedure from the development of suitability and award criteria to the review of tenders and the organization of negotiation meetings, in order to ensure a high-quality procedure that complies with public procurement law.

Target planning

Target planning

With over 20 years of experience and an interdisciplinary structure of the FC-Group we are offering the necessary expertise to integrate operational organization, architecture and technical building equipment into holistic target planning. Our comprehensive planning paves the way for the successful further development of your building and is characterized by precise and well-founded decisions.

Operational Organization

Operational Organization

Our operational organization consulting as part of general planning offers tailor-made solutions for the optimization of operational processes. By integrating proven organizational concepts into our general planning, we ensure a seamless combination of operational structures with architectural and technical aspects. We work with an experienced team to increase the performance of your company, make optimum use of resources and create a future-oriented, efficient operating basis.



Our architectural planning follows the Assessment System for Sustainable Building, whereby we place particular emphasis on ecological sustainability, economic efficiency, socio-cultural aspects, energy efficiency and user satisfaction.

Selected projects in the field of general planning.

Neurological rehabilitation phase B BDH Clinic Elzach

The FC Group successfully took on the general planning for a pioneering new building that integrates intensive care, monitoring, imaging, endoscopy and a gymnastics hall with medical-therapeutic training.

Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim functional building

The FC Group designed the architecture, medical technology and fire protection planning for the innovative new extension to the Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim, which includes 11 operating theatres as well as specialised maternity and nursing wards.


Through our careful planning and reliable implementation of the charging infrastructure for electromobility, we support you in realising innovative and sustainable transport systems.

Light design

Together with our customers, we plan lighting concepts for projects of all kinds. Light always has an effect: visually, emotionally and biologically. We develop lighting solutions for sensitive applications and use light as a design tool. The FC Group's planning always endeavours to support people's well-being in their working environment with the right light.

Building ­Information Modeling

BIM transforms the project management of construction projects through precise 3D CAD planning and efficient communication. It enables a smooth process from start to finish and guarantees time and cost-efficient construction projects with digital precision.

Facade ventilation and extraction

Decentralised solution for breathing buildings. As the FC Group, we plan pulsating façade ventilation systems that simulate natural air movement and thus enable buildings to "breathe". In contrast to a conventional ventilation system, such a solution eliminates the need for separate air ducts for supply and exhaust air.

LCW facades

Liquid crystals integrated into the façade help to control the energy input into the building and keep the view transparent regardless of wind and weather. Innovation, sustainability and design are combined.

Conservational room climate

Art is in the eye of the beholder. However, the necessary indoor climate for art is subject to strict requirements for a precisely defined temperature and humidity window. In addition, art and daylight play an important role in the conservation and presentation of the individual exhibits.

Infrastructure for process plants

The industrial processes of industrial companies and power plants require sophisticated infrastructure and supply technology. Customised solutions, specially tailored to the processes of our customers, are an important feature of the FC Group.

Fire protection

The FC Group offers a holistic solution for fire protection refurbishment by developing customised concepts with the authorities. From coordination with the authorities to planning, tendering and monitoring, we work from a single source. Especially in historic buildings, we master fire protection refurbishment without interrupting operations.

Sustainability, innovation, design

"New work" has long been a reality! New, contemporary working, co-working areas and digitalization: we are working on the topic of working environments in many projects. The statement that our working world will change fundamentally is something we come across time and again. In the future, we will all work in an agile, networked, creative and collaborative way. But we are firmly convinced of this: The new way of working has long been a reality. And this reality needs to be reflected - in processes, in structures and in buildings.