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FC-object monitoring is your partner for professional monitoring of technical building services. We guarantee the highest quality in areas such as sanitary technology, energy efficiency, refrigeration technology, electrical installations and more. Our experienced team guarantees a smooth commissioning process to ensure the seamless transition of your systems into operation.

What we do in the area of Technical Building Equipment.

Project supervision / construction management

Project supervision / construction management

The FC-Group demonstrates its expertise in sanitary technology and guarantees reliable technology and the utmost care in execution. Particularly demanding aspects such as drinking water hygiene, connection to existing pipes and hydraulic complexities in building structures are implemented with a high degree of monitoring.



We support your project and focus on dynamic troubleshooting. Our team specializes in identifying obstacles at an early stage and taking proactive action. Budget overruns, schedule delays or quality problems are not only monitored by us, but actively resolved.

Quality assurance and expert reports

Quality assurance and expert reports

Quality assurance and expert reports in building construction include expert activities, troubleshooting and guaranteeing quality assurance right from the planning phase. As a reliable partner, we offer detailed expert reports and precise quality assurance measures. Our expertise covers comprehensive quality assurance, from planning to implementation.

Energy centers

Energy centers

Maximizing energy efficiency in the heat supply is our focus. By monitoring projects such as district heating connections, combined heat and power generation and the use of renewable energies, we ensure that the best efficiency standards are achieved. With a wealth of experience in cooling and heating technology, the FC-Group monitors projects that use different producers and consumers.



From the low-voltage main distribution board to the final cabling, we monitor every step of the electrical engineering. This also includes the intensive inspection of safety power systems, lightning protection systems, information technology systems and fire alarm systems as well as accompanying expert inspections until they are completely free of defects.

Commissioning management

Commissioning management

The FC-Group relies on specialists with many years of experience who guarantee intensive monitoring of measurement and control technology. By acting with foresight, efficient monitoring and control of almost all systems in modern buildings is ensured. By coordinating the commissioning processes and accompanying user briefings, we ensure a seamless transition from the technical trades to operations in order to guarantee the smooth functionality of the systems.

Selected projects in the area of HVACP.

Winnenden Hospital

The new hospital building has optimal structures for medical care in the Rems-Murr district. With 600 beds and ten operating theatres, the new building is the equivalent of a central care facility that has not previously existed in the Rems-Murr district. As a lateral entrant, the FC Group took over the project management until completion. Our task was to bring together different interests in a moderate manner and to bring the project to a co-operative conclusion for all parties involved.

New stadium SC Freiburg

The FC Group assumes responsibility for the technical object monitoring of supply technology. This means that we actively ensure the monitoring and control of technical systems. Aspects such as energy efficiency, safety and reliability play a central role here.

Corporate headquarters dm

The FC Group provided the dm project management with comprehensive support and technical advice in all service areas and project phases in order to achieve the necessary measures to optimize the construction project with regard to the set project goal while maintaining the required quality standard and adhering to the schedule and budget. The partnership between all project participants, project planners and companies was a large part of the success.

Digital tools

Cloud-based applications provide access to up-to-date plans and 3D models on site, even in areas without Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, while visual documentation, including drone footage and 3D documentation, is managed in the cloud and filterable based on a database.

Building ­Information Modeling

BIM transforms the project management of construction projects through precise 3D CAD planning and efficient communication. It enables a smooth process from start to finish and guarantees time and cost-efficient construction projects with digital precision.

Team building for construction site teams

In the midst of a shortage of skilled workers and increasing demands, team building is crucial for construction site teams in order to promote employee motivation, increase employer attractiveness and strengthen the innovative power for future-oriented construction projects.

AI application

The use of artificial intelligence on construction sites, for example through autonomously controlled construction machinery, not only improves current performance, but also opens up future prospects such as predictive maintenance and adaptive construction planning, which are transforming the construction industry in an innovative and sustainable way.

Home office in project supervision

We are interested in how property monitoring from the home office can be realized with the help of digital monitoring systems. The integration of AI for real-time analysis and improved security protocols could not only make remote management more efficient, but also open up new perspectives for advanced documentation options.


HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current transmission refers to the technology that involves the low-loss transport of electricity over long distances. We understand the requirements of this technology and adapt it to the technical building equipment.