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Precise and

With our interdisciplinary team of architects, civil engineers and industrial engineers, we represent our projects in all committees and in public. This relieves the burden on our clients and frees up their capacities to focus on their actual core business.

We manage projects.

Client Representation

Our client representation - expertise and professional competence from the beginning to the end of the planning and construction process.

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Quality Assurance

Our client-specific quality standards and measures in project management guarantee excellent results, accompanied by comprehensive documentation.

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Approval as a milestone to project success. The FC Group takes on central tasks on the way to official approval and ensures a smooth process.

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The FC Group optimizes construction projects through efficient documentation and clear processes. Our services include transparent filing systems and image documentation with our tried-and-tested digital tools.

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Feasibility Studies

With its technical expertise, the FC Group offers valuable services in feasibility studies for preliminary projects and preliminary planning.

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What drives us.

What drives us.
1Agile project management
Agile management in project control enables a flexible and iterative approach in order to react quickly to changing requirements and challenges. By continuously adapting plans and processes, it promotes efficient teamwork and increases agility in the implementation of construction projects. This approach makes it possible to respond more quickly to customer needs and integrate innovations into the project management process.
2Lean Construction Management
The FC Group's consulting services offer tailor-made lean construction management solutions, from external analysis to the initiation of turn-around implementation programs in challenging project situations. As experts in consulting, coaching and moderation, we extend successful lean approaches from projects to the entire company and establish new procedural standards. With our membership of the German Lean Construction Institute GLCI, close cooperation with universities and an active role in the VDI, we are not only shaping the future of lean construction, but also your success story.
3SCRUM in the construction sector
In the construction industry, especially at the start of a project, project teams often encounter unclear details and last-minute changes. Traditional project management methods reach their limits here. The agile scrum method enables early countermeasures and successful adjustments as the project progresses. Short-cycle feedback loops and a focus on central tasks increase team effectiveness.
4Manage remote
Our vision for remote working in project management is to create an innovative and collaborative environment where team members can work together seamlessly regardless of their physical location. By using state-of-the-art technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), agile project management methods such as SCRUM and efficient digital tools. We not only want to promote flexibility and efficiency, but also ensure that the quality and transparency of our work continues to be guaranteed through well thought-out documentation and an open communication culture.