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With our outstanding expertise in the planning of conveyor technology, we realise innovative solutions for efficient and smooth logistics. From state-of-the-art lifts and intelligent storage systems to driverless transport systems - we create customised concepts that meet your individual requirements. We use modern planning and organisation tools as well as BIM with the buildingSMART IFC standard for efficient planning and construction.

What we do in the area of Conveyor Technology.



With first-class planning and a dedicated team, we contribute significantly to the success of your lift project by ensuring that we always achieve the optimum result for you. Our comprehensive services, from needs analyses to construction supervision, guarantee not only a technical fit, but also energy efficiency, sustainability and aesthetic standards, while we advise on tailor-made solutions for various lift types throughout Germany and Europe.



We specialise in the planning and positioning of escalators to create seamless and efficient connections for optimum mobility. As conveyor technology planners, we not only take into account technical aspects such as motor technology, sensors and tactility, but also integration into complex environments such as shopping centres, railway stations, airports and, increasingly, cultural facilities such as museums and concert centres.

Facade inspection

Facade inspection

Maintain the splendour of your buildings with our façade access systems, which not only preserve their aesthetic beauty but also ensure a clear view. Our customised solutions, from roped-off cages to the use of roof rails, ensure optimum façade cleaning, safety and cost-effectiveness in various applications such as the replacement of glass panes.

Transport of goods

Transport of goods

Efficient goods transport made easy: discover the optimum solution for your needs with us, whether it's automated guided vehicles, pneumatic tube systems, small goods transport systems or other innovative alternatives. Our project teams, consisting of customer employees and engineers from the FC Group, offer comprehensive expertise and develop holistic solutions from individual consulting to the planning of logistics centres to ensure quality and efficiency.

Crane systems

Crane systems

Crane systems are indispensable for heavy transport in industry, workshops and logistics. With our expertise in technical planning, we support you with new systems or replacement projects and accompany you during implementation and commissioning to ensure the desired quality. Our experienced experts also offer expert reports and risk assessments for a comprehensive operability test.

Lifting tables

Lifting tables

For loads that should not be lifted by people: Our lift tables enable efficient lifting and lowering movements in production and logistics processes. With comprehensive advice and planning services, we support you in the selection and implementation of the ideal lift table for your requirements and, if necessary, offer expert opinions and risk assessments for safety and efficiency.

Other conveyor systems

Other conveyor systems

We plan safe and efficient transport systems, from lifts to car parking systems, in compliance with the latest technology and strict guidelines such as the EC Machinery Directive, fire protection (DIN 14010) and sound insulation (DIN 4109). Our expertise is demonstrated in the consideration of space conditions and successful implementation, even in sensitive areas such as living rooms and bedrooms with sound insulation values below 25 dB (A).

Selected projects in the field of conveyor technology.

Convention Center Heidelberg

In Heidelberg, a city with a strong science and business community, a new congress center is being built next to the main train station. The main hall offers 1,900 seats. The FC Group is responsible for the conveyor systems that connect the individual levels and provide access from the underground parking garage. In addition to the elevators for visitors and catering, a 7.5 t elevator for large and heavy objects is also being implemented.

Rhine Ordnance Barracks

On the US military site east of Ramstein Airport, a large supra-regional hospital is being built for US military personnel. The clinic will provide medical care for wounded soldiers from Europe, Asia and Africa and the approximately 60,000 US citizens living in southern Germany. The new building will house 120 examination and treatment rooms, around 70 beds and nine operating theaters. A facade access system will be used to clean and maintain the building envelope.

Vincentius-Diakonissen-Klinikum Karlsruhe Elevators

The new replacement building for the Vincentius-Diakonissen-Kliniken in Karlsruhe, with its musculoskeletal center, combines expertise in the treatment of the entire musculoskeletal system as well as ear, nose and throat diseases in the certified head and neck tumor center. Nine elevators with different uses will be used to provide barrier-free access to the new building. The difference in height between street level and entrance level is overcome with an additional elevator. This elevator is located in a glass shaft with an all-round glazed cabin on the forecourt.

Rail-mounted helipad Vidia clinics

Helicopters are essential for life-saving missions, which is why we take care of the maintenance and care of the landing platforms. These rail-mounted platforms make it possible to move the helicopter into the hangar in the shortest possible time, even if the platforms are on the roof of the hospital. Turntables ensure safe transport into the hangar, regardless of the landing direction. We are proud to make a contribution to saving lives.

Look 21

Quartier Look21 was built on the site of the former Mercedes-Benz branch in Stuttgart. It houses the new headquarters of the Südwestmetall employers' association, modern office workplaces, a conference area with an event hall for 500 people and other seminar and meeting rooms. There are also 200 apartments in a separate building. With its striking shape, the building is intended to emphasize this important location in the urban fabric. The building sections are accessed via a total of 16 elevators. The two elevators in the central entrance area are positioned between two free-standing wall panels. The other shaft walls are designed as a steel and glass construction to emphasize transparency and integration into the design.

Elevator technology TV tower Berlin

The FC Group is continuing its active involvement in construction projects for the further development and maintenance of the Berlin TV tower, with a particular focus on supporting the elevator technology.

Building ­Information Modeling

BIM transforms the project management of construction projects through precise 3D CAD planning and efficient communication. It enables a smooth process from start to finish and guarantees time and cost-efficient construction projects with digital precision.

Barrier-free access

To ensure that everyone can use the lift, accessibility for people with disabilities in accordance with DIN EN 81-70 and DIN 18040 must generally be taken into account in the planning.

Recommendations for refurbishments

Nothing lasts forever - this is also the motto for lift systems. Is it necessary to replace the entire system or just individual components? We will provide you with an individual recommendation as to what should or should not be done with your lift systems.

Risk assessment

Lifts are among the systems that require monitoring. If required, we can prepare a customised risk assessment for you.

Conveying capacity simulation

In order to determine the necessary dimensions, the ideal positioning and the technical specifications of the systems, it is advisable to carry out an analysis for large-scale projects. Modelling can be used to calculate various scenarios by adjusting different parameters in order to identify the best and most economical way to develop the building.