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and agile.

The FC-Group supports your projects. We provide you with interdisciplinary advice and precisely identify key organizational and technical issues. We work with client-specific quality standards and comprehensive documentation using digital tools to ensure excellent project management results.

We accompany projects.

Building Construction

From the ground-breaking ceremony to moving in: the FC-Group provides support for all steps and trades of the KG300 in building construction, from the foundations to the roof, in accordance with the legal requirements and individual wishes.

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Civil Engineering

Our client-specific quality standards and measures in project management guarantee excellent results, accompanied by comprehensive documentation.

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Technical Building Equipment

Electrical, ventilation, heating, plumbing, cooling: the FC-Group takes care of the management of the KGR400's technical building services and also supports the commissioning of highly complex systems with decades of experience and experts on site.

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The FC-Group designs intelligent infrastructures that connect cities and systems. Shape progress together with us.

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What drives us.

What drives us.
1Remote object monitoring
Location-independent property monitoring is revolutionizing the construction project industry through the use of modern technologies that make it possible to monitor construction activities from anywhere in real time. This trend optimizes resources, minimizes costs and accelerates project delivery by integrating flexible, digital tools and innovative communication methods. The increasing shift from traditional on-site monitoring to remote site monitoring is contributing to more agile and efficient project delivery.
2AI application
Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in property surveillance for automatic object detection, behavioral analysis and facial recognition. By using deep learning techniques, it enables more accurate and faster threat detection, automated alerting and seamless integration with other security systems, resulting in more efficient and reliable security solutions.
3Team building for construction site teams
In the midst of a shortage of skilled workers and increasing demands, team building is crucial for construction site teams in order to promote employee motivation, increase employer attractiveness and strengthen the innovative power for future-oriented construction projects.
4Project monitoring from the home office
The importance of home office property monitoring is increasing as advanced technologies make it possible to control and monitor surveillance systems remotely. The use of artificial intelligence and digital interfaces enables professionals to respond to events in real time, check alarms and analyze objects even from remote locations. This opens up efficient and flexible solutions, especially in situations where a physical presence on site is not always possible, while offering employees more flexibility.