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The FC-Group attaches great importance to ensuring the quality standards of our clients. We define relevant and construction-specific quality standards before the start of planning and execution, integrate them into client guidelines and prevent potential errors through multi-stage control processes. During the planning process, we review the planning team's performance and the coordination performance of the project planning in accordance with the project objectives. If necessary, we intervene to take control and enable our client to make all the necessary decisions.

What we do in the area of Quality Assurance.

Quality standards

Quality standards

Our quality management is characterized by the precise definition of quality standards before the start of planning and execution. These standards are carefully integrated into the client's guidelines to ensure that the highest quality requirements of our clients are anchored from the outset. The implementation of multi-stage control processes during the planning phases enables us to identify and avoid planning errors at an early stage. This preventative approach ensures consistent compliance with quality standards throughout the entire project.

Project support

Project support

Our construction supervision team is continuously present, with a particular focus on the supervision of technical building equipment. This intensive construction supervision not only ensures the precise implementation of quality standards, but also covers all construction issues that arise. This holistic approach from a single source allows deviations to be identified and rectified at an early stage, which enables consistent, professional quality assurance from the outset.



Our competent handling of quality manuals, field quality plans and the corresponding processes ensures transparent implementation of quality requirements. We also offer aerial construction supervision to ensure comprehensive and detailed documentation of your projects.

Selected project in the area of Quality Assurance.

Corporate Headquarters Heidelberg Materials AG

Heidelberg Materials AG has built a new corporate headquarters in Heidelberg. The new administration building combines flexible working environments with large conference areas and special use areas and offers state-of-the-art office infrastructure with an optimum indoor climate based on a sophisticated energy concept. The FC Group supported this challenging construction task with three service packages: Quality Assurance, Lean Management and Technical Controlling.


The FC Group is a pioneer in the energy monitoring of buildings and processes. We monitor processes through measurement, data collection and analysis for targeted interventions and deviation management.

Digital tools

Cloud-based applications provide access to up-to-date plans and 3D models on site, even in areas without Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, while visual documentation, including drone footage and 3D documentation, is managed in the cloud and filterable based on a database.

Lean Management

We enable our clients to understand, apply and continuously improve relevant lean methods and tools to optimize projects and make companies more efficient.

Water law

Water protection in construction projects - We responsibly shape the future through comprehensive knowledge of water law, safeguard the quality of our waters and support you through approved and sustainable construction projects.

Building ­Information Modeling

BIM transforms the project management of construction projects through precise 3D CAD planning and efficient communication. It enables a smooth process from start to finish and guarantees time and cost-efficient construction projects with digital precision.

Large projects

The project management of large-scale projects requires a complex internal and external organizational structure in order to avoid potential errors at an early stage. We take on the comprehensive planning, management and consulting, placing particular emphasis on transparent communication, realistic cost and deadline assessments and effective decision management for positive project success.